Welcome to our first posting on Michaels Funeral Blog.   Perhaps it seems strange that someone would think of writing a blog about a subject that is feared and avoided nearly as much as public speaking.  But funerals are our business.   Helping people through loss and grief is our calling.  It is our hope then to use this modern-age technology to talk about an age-old subject:  death and all that it entails.

In the future, you will find educational, inspirational and perhaps, on occasion, even entertaining content posted here.  We will try and avoid the usual brochure-esque sales talk and instead invite you to learn about the deeper social issues, as well as the ins and outs and ongoing changes of the industry from a “behind the scenes” vantage point.

While this is not intended to be a “support group” blog, we do invite you to send us your comments, questions, concerns and stories.  We will try and address each one earnestly using our knowledge and experience and in the process, perhaps achieve what is expressed in the words of the American author, Lloyd Alexander:  “At the end of knowledge, wisdom begins, and at the end of wisdom, there is not grief…but hope.”