This section includes general information about funeral arrangements and services. The staff at Michaels is available to assist with any questions or details you may need.

Cemetery selection: If a cemetery plot has not been pre-arranged, we will help you choose a cemetery and assist with the details of purchasing and opening the grave.

Clothing: Unless circumstances preclude, we suggest you plan to use your loved one’s own clothing. For a man we recommend: Suite or sport outfit, a set of underclothing (socks, undershirts and briefs), a shirt and necktie (if appropriate); shoes or slippers (optional). For a woman we recommend: Dress or gown, suit or pantsuit, a set of underclothing (bra, underpants, slip, hose, etc); shoes or slippers (optional). Also include any jewelry items you wish with instructions as to whether they are to be removed and returned before the casket is closed. This includes eyeglasses.

Hairstyling: We will arrange for a beautician or barber. Please bring in a recent photo, as it can be helpful during the styling.

Flowers: Michaels has a local florist that comes highly recommended. Of course, we can provide you with other names and will work with any florist you choose.

Music: Michaels provides a pianist to play background music during visitation and funeral services. We can also assist in arranging for an organist, harpist or bagpipes, if desired. We also can provide music on CD for use in a chapel service.

Photographs: If you desire to take photos, simply speak with us and we will ensure you are given appropriate time to do so.

Eulogy: If you choose to ask someone to give a eulogy, we offer this guideline to help them get started on the writing.

Pallbearers: Six pallbearers are usually required, three for each side of the casket. It can also be acceptable to have four or up to eight pallbearers. Some families find it difficult to choose who will act as a bearer. Keep in mind that both males and females are appropriate provided that they are in good health (no back problems) and that they wear appropriate footwear.

Car procession: We suggest you decide the order in which the immediate family’s cars should be lined up in the procession. Our staff will assist in preparing the list and arranging the vehicles.

Death Certificate: Our staff will arrange for as many certified copies of the death certificate as needed. Usually, they are required for matters involving: life insurance policies, loans and other financial investments, certain state and federal benefits, bank and trust accounts, vehicle titles, real estate titles, income tax returns and other personal needs. In most cases, a certificate with the registrar’s seal is required. The fee for copies varies from county to county.