Michaels Funeral Home Starts Renovations
More spacious, modernized facility

SCHAUMBURG, ILLINOIS (December 13, 2012) — Michaels Funeral Home of 800 S. Roselle Road in Schaumburg announces that its latest renovations to the facility will start next week. Michael Demnicki, owner and director of the funeral home, said that the business will remain open during the renovations, which will take approximately six weeks to complete.

The improvements, according to Demnicki, are a culmination of what families have been expressing over the last few years including a more open interior with brighter spaces. Michaels plans include a newly designed raised ceiling with multiple skylights, a new heating/ventilation system, new furnishings and the integration of WiFi and Apple TV technology into the visitation chapels.

“Heightening the roofline and incorporating skylights,” Michael explains, “will allow people to connect with nature and its beauty. Likewise, adding the high-tech systems throughout the facility will enable people to connect with each other, sharing their multi-media memories on the big screen video displays.” Each room will also be equipped with a new sound systems, speakers and microphones.

To create as little disruption as possible to clients, there will be two alternative local chapels available during the renovation period. Upon completion of the work, Michaels will be hosting an open house for the community.

Michaels Funeral Home has served families throughout Chicago’s Northwest suburbs for more than 35 years. Family owned and operated, Michaels offers full services and cremations, an elegant one-floor (wheelchair accessible) facility and specializes in Veteran’s care and benefits.